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We work hard to empower thousands of post stroke patients
to return to a normal life

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Who is Remo?

Remo is a system equipped with artificial intelligence provided to assist patients with reduced motor functions in their domestic rehabilitation activities.

WHY Remo

The model of care of physiotherapists has been the same for 50 years. Patients pay for the therapist’s time, not the actual improvement or the number of exercises. With Remo, the treatment model evolves by exploiting the power of digital and artificial intelligence. Patients perform many more exercise sessions achieving significant improvements and spending less.


Skills improvement: natural recovery (no rehabilitation)


Skills improvement: rehabilitation with a physiotherapist


Skills improvement: rehabilitation with a physiotherapist and Remo

Remo sensor

Remo is a class 1 medical device, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, validated by clinical trials, and can be worn independently by a post-stroke patient.
Thanks to the use of surface electromyography, it measures actual muscle activity and not just movement.


The App receives the signals from the sensor through a Bluetooth device. An easy and intuitive graphical interface guides the patient in the rehabilitation program showing the results, improvements and efforts made to reach them, thus contributing to create a highly motivating setting.


Logging onto Remo’s App, the therapist is able to outline the rehabilitation program and to monitor all his patients from everywhere and in every moment.

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